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Good Luck...Bad Luck with the J 674

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In the last couple of times I have been out along the Missabe, it has been a good example of the fine line between good luck and bad luck on a railfan outing.

On Sunday the 2nd, I had some good luck that afternoon as Dave earlier reported. Thanks to a call from Mr. Schauer, I was in position to chase the 674 south from Culver on the Missabe with the J, DM&IR, DM&IR consist. Had surprisingly good fortune (it pays to stand next to Dave) and got a sucker hole at Maple Grove Rd. south of Coons. Good Luck.

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Last Sunday, the 9th, I got up at dark-thirty and headed up to the Range. With the 215/6255 on one T-Bird, and B&LE 909/903 on the other Bird, odds are I would be able to bag a non-CN unit on the T-Birds sometime before high sun as they went back and forth.

I was able to catch a couple of southbounds before 0700, including a pellet load out of Utac and a the MRF with the 674 again leading. I thought it was another day with good luck. My luck would change. Then loading problems on the T-Bird and the 6255 leading back and forth instead of the 215. The CN also ran only one ID train before high sun and it had an IC SD40-3, so I really didn't get anything after the early trains worth posting. Bad luck.

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Will see what kind of luck this weekend brings as the weather is suppose to finally clear out again.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI