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215 on Proctor Hill

DM&IR 215 used to be a regular on Proctor Hill hauling ore and limestone trains.  Here it is leading the way down the hill in 2006, the way fall should look around here:

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NSM Empties

Was out last Sunday and figured the place to look for any early fall color would be north of Two Harbors.  CN was running a Minntac train off the Range with DMIR 400 leading so I headed up near Highland.  Didn't find much or any fall color and found the only clouds pretty much in the whole state of Minnesota.
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A Sunday and Monday Shot From Superior

While it not approaching the grain rushes of the past, there has been a noticeable amount of grain moving through Superior since the beginning of this month.
Sunday was pretty quiet around the elevators, but BNSF made at least one trip with a switch job to pull empties out from under the Blatnik Bridge and towards 28th.  Here the empties pass under Highway 53 on their way to the Corridor behind BNSF 2703.
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A Couple From Monday In Superior

Was able to catch a couple in Superior on Monday after work on a beautiful September day.
Crossing over the Blatnik Bridge I noticed a BNSF job shoving about 50 cars into CHS.  Since it took some time to place the grain loads on three different tracks, I was able to get in position for a shot of BNSF 3004 and the former IAIS that has been working around town.
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FXE Magnetation Shots

As Dave posted, the last Magnetation train through here had another 4 unit set of Ferromex units this past Labor Day weekend.

Along with Dave I was able to catch the four FXE units leading the empties on the Hinckley Sub. last Saturday as part of a 4 train northbound fleet.  Here they are passing through 
Askov during a brief stretch of blue skies on that mostly cloudy morning.
Was surprised they power and mostly old coal gons ran to Magnetation the next day, as they usually are staged at Allouez for awhile, but when a train called to leave at 1430 I figured it must be a CMG train for Gunn (they are many times called at 1400 at Allouez).  Got to Saunders and FXE 4678 was leading 2 x 2.
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Kirkus Now Open

Easier to get to with the road open but still difficult to shoot at besides an afternoon southbound. Last month I went up there to see what the 1700 light would look like for a Proctor bound train.

But first a stop near I-35 to get the limestone train in sun with hazy Superior in the background.

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Bessemer Trio Again

Another orange 3-pack of BLEs is together (at least for now).  Was raining in Proctor and Munger when they left, but found some light further north today.
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403 Shots From IR Sub

Have made a couple of trips up to the Iron Range Sub. recently.  Action has been pretty good so far this summer despite what I sense is Minorca being in the midst of a summer maintenance shut down (still getting a daily limestone train out of Proctor though).  Minntac is still sending plenty of trains down for Two Harbors with only a few here and there heading to Proctor.  Helps the Iron Range Sub.
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Missabe 193 With Coal Empties on Lakefront Line

Adding to Dave and Max's shots of the coal storage moves, we go back a couple of weeks to the 193 pulling coal empties out of storage on the North Shore Scenic Railroad.
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Some Cloudy Cowls

The first half of April has been tough around the Twin Ports if you are into that sunny photography thing.  Was some surprising sun this morning before our latest snow storm moved in, but that has been more the exception than the rule.  Here are a couple of shots taken in the evening right before "sunset" and was hoping for some dramatic drop down light.   Didn't get lucky with that, but I do like cowls on the point so here are the shots anyways. 
First up is a M349 that had three cowls, shown here on the former WC near Rockmont.


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