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Fresh CN Sixty

Was heading home during the week when I heard helpers debating where to cut off from a long manifest out of Pokegma.  Made it to Becks Road just in time to nab this train with a SD60, C40-8M combo that was working south of Wisconsin Rapids last weekend.  

Think I heard the symbol was X491, a monster no matter its title.
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A Trio of Ore Trains the Past Week

Had the chance to get out and shoot a trio of ore trains along CN and Northshore Mining this week.  All trains were ore loads with trios of tunnel motors or SD40-2s.  Will share a shot from each train.
First up is the Bessemer Trio heading south from Fairlane through Munger.   This past week it seems as if the trio was on an ore load to Proctor each morning.
Later in the day, I had a few hours and was a nice sunny day for a drive so I headed to intercept the 403 which I heard on the Range Radio feed running from Minntac to Two Harbors.
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Superior to Northtown Sucker Hole

Got lucky with yesterday's version of the Soup to Nuts. Sounded like he was ready to go around the regular time of 0600, but he was delayed and there was just enough sun fighting through the low clouds at Boylston to light up the cascade green 3-pack. Hope these 60Ms survived into the longer days of the year on the Northtown manifests.

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Crawford Creek Comparison

On Twin Ports rail I posted one of the "new" CN SD60s crossing over Crawford Creek on the Missabe's former Interstate Branch on Tuesday.
Here is a comparison shot from over 11 years ago when the Missabe still owned the tracks.
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A Couple Trains From Tuesday

The clouds started to clear out on the Superior side of the Bay this morning so I went out to catch a late running A404 that had a repainted SD60 leading.

Here CN 5405 South crosses Crawford Creek with over 5000 tons of train for Stevens Point. Interesting to note the SD60F trailing. Been a long time since I have seen one of those.

Further down the Superior Sub after meeting two northbounds at EZ Siding.

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SD70M-2 Saturday

Had a chance to get out for half a day around the Twin Ports with the CN busy with southbounds from the border. All three of the leaders I caught happened to be SD70M-2s.

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Green Machines

Last weekend I was able to catch a couple of BNSF freights led by green BN power  down by Boylston.

First up was the Rapids Turn on a Saturday with a pair of SD40-2s and a long  train heading west on the Lakes Sub.

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Bessemers and the 212

As has been noted, the Bessemer trio was broken up in late January.  Before that I managed to get out for a few shots of them.
First up is the 906 leading the 903 and 904 at South Alborn back on Jan. 20th.
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Last Weekend's BCOL Barns

Besides the interesting Bessemer trio that continue to run around the Missabe, BCOL Draper Taper cowls have been regularly used out of Proctor in late 2012/early 2013.
Was on the way to do some shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve when I heard BCOL 4615 heading towards Proctor.  Here is the MRF at Munger:
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Two on the WC Last Weekend

Always interested when I hear a CN 5400-series leader on the scanner. Liked them as SD50Fs in the past and like them as the "new" SD60s of now.

Heard CN 5408 start its work at Parkland, on the WC at South Itasca last Saturday. By the time I made it down there the 5408 South was on the roll and was not as easy to catch as most CN southbounds as it was the short L564 local for Wisconsin Rapids. Luckily they went in the hole at Hawthorne for a northbound stacker so I could get to Bennett Road for a shot of the SD60.


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