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Last Saturday Southbounds

The weather on Saturday was suppose to be partly sunny. Sunrise saw no sign of the sun and the clouds appeared to be locked in for the morning, so I did chores and errands and decided to head out for the afternoon.

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The 03s Head North

With my arrival today at Proctor around 1600, I was greeted with a CN cluster that would eventually yield a couple of northbound onto the Missabe Sub.

Don't know exactly the reasons behind it, but a monster transfer from Pokegama pulled north through Adolph and was shoving into Proctor Yard with what looked to be about 150+ cars. Didn't get a car count but they sure had Midway Rd. tied up in knots during "rush hour" around Adolph. Train A404 (WC local) was also trying to head south on the Superior Sub. with 121 cars behind two motors. Both of these moves had CN wide cab GEs which made me focus on what was in the yard pointed north.

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UP Derailment

[G2:11479 n=1 frame=none size=500]

UP provided the Sunday entertainment for our neighboorhood in Superior's East End. They were running a rare Sunday move from Itasca to Duluth when three cars hit the grass on 6/5/11.

It looks to me that the outside rail turned over on the big curve south of 21st. St. The hind three cars then bounced along the grass and ballast, crossed another crossing before dumping the air here. Just ahead of the boxcar are two flats with containers for one of those windmill trains.

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Sunday Afternoon on Proctor Hill

Afternoon seems to be a good time to check out the action on Proctor Hill. The 0600 Job seems to work 12 hours, with the 1500 Job coming on, it hasn't been uncommon to have two trains climbing the Hill in good light.

Today was no exception as DMIR 212 got permission to leave Missabe Jct. with 48 loads for Proctor. Never know which engine is leading by the radio and I was happy to get the CN 6006 leading instead of the 212 caked in taconite dust. Like these CN 6000-series engines. They used to be common on locals and the Virginia switch in the mid 2000s, but nice seeing them along the former Missabe.

[G2:11467 n=1 frame=none size=500]

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CN Around Proctor Last Week

The high sun season is definitely upon us and the thought of shooting all day has gone out the window. But, on the bright side of things, it finally has greened up (except right near the lake) and the long days of daylight allow shooting into the 20:00 hour. Took advantage of the nice weather last week and caught a few things after work out of Proctor on CN.

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0600 Proctor Roadswitch

As I mentioned in my last post, at least for now, the morning call time has been moved up to 0600 for the PRS. That means the first trip down the hill has been happening usually before 0800, but of course the times can widely vary.

The last couple of weeks I have been seeing/hearing it on my way to work. Here is one example.

[G2:11373 n=1 frame=none size=500]

The shot is a bit dated with the brown trees and that power set. I believe the PRS has been running the ore trains down the hill with the 903, 408, and 909 set this past week.

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Some Spring Flashbacks

Spring of course is the worst time of year to shoot around the Twin Ports with the seemingly never ending brown season. I vow every year to not head out and shoot much, but the lure of elusive spring sun and the desire to enjoy some nice weather usually brings me out in the end.

Have a pair of photos from 2007 with Missabe leaders that I put up. One of these might have been posted to the web before, but now I am trying to move my stuff to Flickr so here is the non-broken link.

First up is the MRF at Norshor Jct. behind DM&IR 301. The 301 didn't run around in service with the solid yellow frame stripe so it makes it semi-rare. Some people really don't like that frame look, but I do miss anything running around with the "U of M" lettering.

[G2:11230 n=1 frame=none size=500]

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CP Action This Weekend

Seems to be lots of CP moves around town with the Winnipeg reroutes and extra switch jobs.

Yesterday I was crossing the Corridor on my way home from work when I heard the CP call the Grassy Point Draw.

[G2:11146 n=1 frame=none size=500]

CP seems pretty busy today too (for a Saturday around here) as a 491 arrived Stinson sometime around 0700 this morning. These reroutes usually head north for borderland around 1600 each day, as that seems to be when CN can take them north.

The regular manifest, 483 arrived a couple of hours later in the morning and the power should go out this evening on 482. Guessing by what is on the "cab track" at Stinson, the 482 today/tonight should have a white Soo SD60 or StL&H SD40-2 leading.

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Soo Storm Light

[G2:11130 n=1 frame=none size=500]

A beat-up SD60 leads CP 482 down the Hinckley Sub. approaching Foxboro near sunset on May 5, 2011.

After an all-day rain, the skies started to clear so when Soo 6041 got a warrant out of Superior, the chase was on. It was a frustrating chase as the first shot attempt in South Superior, I was blocked by BNSF's Gales Soup. Then I was blocked by the target, the 482, at Tower Ave. Finally, the last car of this 62 car train cleared and I raced to West Saunders, only to not be able to cross because of a loaded BNSF coal train (where are all the trains when you just need ONE to shoot?). So with all plans in town folied, I continued south on WI-35 as the sun was completely out and nice storm light was to the east.

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215 South Last Week

Heard a U717 head up to load last Tuesday. With the power sets they had been using I figured there would be a good chance that 215 would be leading. This 0700 Utac would be delayed and not be ready to leave Utac until 1630. With clear signals, despite lugging 179 cars, they thought they would make it back to Proctor.

Here the 215 rounds the curve at South Fairlane.

[G2:11040 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Further along the line, a signal box on a post is passed at Sax.

[G2:11045 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Caught up with Max at Culver and took one more shot.


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