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Last Runs

Piggybacking on Dave's cool last run shots, here are a couple of shots on the former Erie Mining.
First up is the 4211 leading that Farewell to Erie Mining excursion that was the subject of his Friday Flashback in October.
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CP Power Around the Ports

Too bad CP's 482/483 manifests run only at night, at both ends of the Superior to St. Paul runs. The power on that train has been good this fall/early winter when you can catch them outside of Stinson Yard. Pairs of DME/ICE SD40-2s were the power in Sept/Oct. Then for over a month Soo SD60M 6058 was paired with another CP or Soo SD60. The past week or back to blue and yellow DME SDs.

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Magnetation Trains

I still haven't caught a loaded Magnetation out on the Lakes Sub., but a few Saturdays ago I was able to catch Eagle Pass to Allouez empties on the Hinckley Sub. as some sun tried to burn through.  Interesting mix of newer BNSF ore cars and leased bath tub hoppers on these trains.  At least the leader added some color to my drive as I headed for the Twin Cities.
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Thanksgiving Weekend 10 Years Ago

A flashback to November 2002 and an ore train coming out of Minntac.  Hard to believe it is ten years ago
Too bad this spot has really grown in the past couple of years and is nearly impossible to shoot this angle without some major tree trimming.
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Don't hear many morning southbounds head down the Hinckley Sub. so when I saw this on the ATCS I headed away from the clouds around the Ports to see what train it was.  Once I saw the EMD power and H1 leader, chased it to Askov.  Here is my final shot down there.
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Four Class Ones and a SD60M

Last Saturday I was able to catch all four Class Ones along with an extra CP move which was powered by a Soo SD60 and then a SD60M.

Didn't plan to head out to get all four Class Is, but started out driving around the Twin Ports in the late morning. Saw this transfer coming back from Rice's Point so set up on the Bong Bridge.

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October Locals Around the Ports

Can close the books on another fall around the Twin Ports as October is over, the leaves are long gone (except on my lawn) and winter can't be far off. Back on Oct. 19th I was able to do some CP and BNSF shooting around the Ports. Watching the satellite it became clear I had to stay right near Lake Superior as clouds were pretty much in control everywhere else this day.

First up is the CP Transfer from Duluth. Soo 4434 is in charge as they cross the Grassy Point Draw with a one unit transfer for their Stinson Yard.

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B&LE Trio Running Again

Just in time for Halloween, CN has put together a Bessemer tunnel motor trio as one of the sets of power at Two Harbors.  Heard it on the way to work this week and forgot about it until I heard it on the radio stream loading at Minntac today.  Both times I have heard the 909 leading, but can't remember what the other two were besides they were both 900s. Who knows how long they will stay together.
At the end of last month I was able to catch 2 Bessemers and a Death Star on a train at Highland.
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Big Power on the Missabe This Fall

So far this mainly sunny fall, I have been shooting the bigger power that the CN has assigned to the Missabe.  These models in the 4000-4400 hp range don't have straight air for ore trains, but can be seen hauling limestone and MRF freight out of Proctor.
A week ago I was up at Proctor near sunrise when I heard an empty limestone getting close to town.  I was able to intercept at Munger and turned out to have the nice BCOL 4644 that has been running on limestone moves out of Proctor.
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Some Storm Light

Was able to catch an ore train on Wednesday also with some storm light.  Not as nice of a leader as Dave got, but still some nice light of a BNSF empty rolling out of Allouez.


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