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Another BNSF From the Week

Besides the Hibtac empty I posted earlier, was able to catch another BNSF train during last week.  While not an ore train, this Kelly Lake turn probably brought back ore cars and since they were going that way they brought some bentonite empties used at a taconite plant.  Here is a SUPSUP running west on the Lakes Sub. between Superior and Carlton.

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August 6000s and SD40-2Ws

My August shots of CN ore trains were mostly around Proctor, with no trips to the Range or Two Harbors.  So that means lots of rebuilt CN 6000s series SD40s and widecab SD40-2Ws for me.
With the 0600 and 1800 call times, not as many chances to shoot the Hill, but when I have caught them this summer, it has usually been 3 or 4 6000s, like back on Aug. 5.
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DM&IR 403 South Chase

Was up listening to the scanner this morning and heard the 1800 Proctor Roadswitch crew approaching Alborn, running out of time with yesterday's MRF.  With DM&IR 403 as the identifier I headed north.

Haven't seen the 403 for quite some time, so was happy to get it on the point, especially pretty clean.  Was able to beat the 0600 crew out of Proctor up to Alborn, so here they are at the south switch just after the crew change.

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Triple Nickel and Woodtick

Was in Hayward on Monday when I heard the whistle of the Hayward Local heading east along Highway 63. Luckily I some time to railfan. Helps that the wife has relatives in town, but usually hard to catch trains here as they run three days per week on the branch and not much radio traffic on the mainline to help with surgical strikes. With the whistle and what I thought was CN 5443 on the local I headed to the LP plant arriving there around 1600. Yes was a former Oakway on the L555 and they were about done with their chores at LP and the pulpwood yard.

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GTW on Ballast Train

Lots of work going on along the former Missabe this summer.  They seem to be taking advantage of no T-Birds or Fairlane pellet trains to work on the Missabe track, which looks pretty worn to me.

Even with no Fairlane moves, lots of trains on the Missabe and Rainy Subs. this past week.  Yesterday GTW 5936 and 5944 followed 4 southbounds out of Keenan to dump a ballast train between Payne and Grand Land.  I was lucky to catch the blue GTW leader with some sun on the mostly cloudy day.

Here they are at North Kelsey moving south.

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BNSF's Superior to Northtown

With lots of the traffic on the Hinckley Sub. running at night, some day trips  of the BNSF Superior to Northtown have been noted and welcomed up there lately.

The last couple of weeks I have heard it leave many times in the morning, after  the sun is up. Even with standard coal power worth a shot at the Nemadji River.

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Highway 7

CN's U715 heads north behind a former North Western Dash 8 along Highway 7. The 2133 has 75 cars of limestone for Minntac on the morning of 7/15/12.

Even with maroon scarce, Pacing the Missabe on Highway 7 remains interesting with all of the Dash 8s and SD40-types working out of Proctor.

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Red CP and CTRR

A couple of weeks ago I walked out on the Bong Bridge and caught the CP 7-Superior traveling to Duluth. Since then, CP has made some changes as the list has noted. Will be interesting to see what they do with 482/483 Stinson to St. Paul trains. If EHH and company run the CP like the CN I would expect some changes as they do not like power sitting around and the 482/483 power sits all day at Stinson with the current schedule. Here is the 4617 back on Jul9.

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New Paint and a New Angle

Was up early shooting a couple of BNSF trains when I heard CN 5264 get an authority south from the Range on Minorca Limestone empties early yesterday morning.  The crew was going to get to Alborn after a slow overnight trip to dump their 47 loads and since that number didn't ring a bell, a quick search of Flickr indicated the 5264 was a recent repaint.  The BNSF trains were nothing special with the Hibtac led by a GEVO and a KEEBIR with three Dash 9s so I headed to Alborn.

Around 0830 the relief crew arrived Alborn and I set up at the Cloquet River with a bit of a wait as a M347 heading north first.  Finally the 5264 rolled out on the bridge and looks pretty nice.

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Flashback: Keewatin

Dave already gave us a nice Flashback, but decided for another.
Was up on the Range on Thursday morning and decided to sample the BNSF for a change on this already warm summer day.  There was the Kelly Lake Local, a Hibtac, and Keetac in the mix.  
Caught the Keetac leaving the plant behind a clean ACe.  Notice that with the bigger, newer (2008) BNSF ore cars on the head end you can't even tell they are loaded.


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