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Today's Cold Weather Notes

Did not make it out today, but heard a few things on the scanner.

The 0730 PRS must have spent the morning relieving trains so it made its first trip down the hill at around 1300. Went light power to Missabe Jct. to pick up limestone. BLE 909 was the south leader and DM&IR 405 was the north leader.

Coming into Proctor was three ore loads today. Might be starting the pattern of last winter with more Minntac pellets coming to Duluth for Storage with Two Harbors filling up with Minorca winter pellets.

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DMIR 212 Before and After

As I have stated before the 212 was not my favorite Missabe engine with its flaking paint and crooked arrowhead paint job.

Back in the files here is the 212 leading the limestone.  Yes, the consist of 212, 308, 203, and 210 sounded mighty fine wheeling the loads.  Maybe I should of chased that one to the Range.  Probably would now.

Chase Not Warranted

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New Year's Eve Missabe Report

As the photographic evidence indicated I was along Proctor Hill yesterday for the 0730 PRS. Bout the same same shots as Dave.

Steamy Ore Cars at MP3

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SD40-2s Around Superior

Some shots with SD40-2 leaders around Superior as last month closed.
Has been possible to get some SD40-2s off the DME/ICE as that has been the standard power for the road trains from the Twin Cities to the Twin Ports.  The problem is these
trains only run twice per week now, but the 483 has been sometimes running late and showing into Superior after sunrise.
Here is a Tuesday morning version crossing a pair of bridges on BNSF's Hinckley Sub.


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