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Allouez Switch Saturday and Five Years Back

Was driving back from Solon Springs on Saturday morning when I heard BNSF's "Allouez Switch" call to run from 28th Street to Allouez. Caught it at 58th St. with its single SD40-2 and caboose.
Don't see or hear this job much at all compared to as I used to, but assume it still runs between 28th St. and Allouez with B.O. ore cars and to handle the few cars of ties I see spotted at the old Koppers plant.
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NSSR 9169

Heard the NSSR 9169 Budd Car get an authority on the CN up at Two Harbors on Monday night (or was it last night, can't remember). Wonder what it was doing out up there on a weeknight?

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BNSF Evenings

The evenings have been a good time to catch trains west on the BNSF out of  Superior lately. Work blocks at Carlton and Brookston seem to end around 1600  and they try to set the trains loose. Yesterday they had a Keetac empty, the Rapids Local, this coal empty heading out of town at a slow, slow pace.

Things did not go that smoothly since they had to meet a couple of eastbounds. Not having the Chub Lake siding really limits the dispatcher options, especially with the 10 and 25 mph slow orders around.

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Shooting A404 and MADIT on the Superior Sub

Caught a couple of trains Saturday morning on the former WC (CN's Superior Sub.)  south of Superior. The best two shots I got were south of Solon Springs off  Cut-A-Way Dam Road.

IC 1027 leads the southbound A404 out of Solon Springs, WI and along the St. Croix River on July 7, 2012. This is on the CN's Superior Sub. mainline between Superior and Stevens Point, WI.

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KEEMAD on the Hinckley

Over on Twin Ports Rail there has been discussion on traffic on the Hinckley Sub.  One sure train lately up here has been the U-KEEMAD.  It seems to change crews at Boylston around 1800-1900.  Tonight it had a GEVO and left there at 1800 and yesterday about 1830 with a Peach MAC.   A few nights ago it left at 1901 behind a nice pair and I was able to shoot it at Holyoke after being clouded out a few times.  Still like those BN ore cars on these all-rails and had another ACe shoving on the tail.
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A Couple of Soo Shots

A couple of Soo shots to share from Superior. Here is the old Soo depot at the corner of Odgen and Winter St. after the rains finally quit last week.

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A Few From Around Superior

Have caught some CP and CN trains around Superior lately. Here the CP heads from Duluth to Superior last week.

Was down on the ex-CNW, ex-WC south of Superior and noticed the CN has really cleared out the area where the former DSS&A crossed above south of Rockmont so I shot this stack train there. This place always an interesting location, but now you don't have to stand on the right of way to get a photo with the trees and  brush gone.

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CN 5433 on the A403

Thanks to John's heads up I was able to catch the 5433 south of town on the WC. I believe congestion on Steelton Hill prevented A403 from reaching Proctor so the 5433 should be around Pokegama or just arriving Proctor on a transfer.

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A Friday Morning in Thief River

A week before Verndale Rail, I was in East Grand Forks for a wedding of a long time family friend.  Friday dawned perfect and since I had the morning free, I headed east to Thief River Falls.  Before I went to the wedding weekend I wasn't sure when or if I would have any extra time so I really didn't do much checking for intel and had no plan.  Was happy the MNN was moving out of TRF, which I remembered later was normal for a Friday morning.  Here is my trip report from Friday, June 15.
Decided to head east of East Grand Forks after I saw the less than stellar orange GEs and faded Green Geeps around GF on Thursday night.  Thief River Falls is less than an hour from Grand Forks and with an early start I was there in position to see whatever the CP was running.  Approached town and headed for the depot area as I heard a westbound getting close to town. Unfortunately I didn't make it in time and was upset when I heard Soo 4429 clear up its warrant and give an arrival time into the yard.  Would have made for a nice shot across the Red Lake River bridge.  
The blow was softened when I drove along the yard and saw that Soo 4429 was actually trailing a grungy, beaten bandit, Soo 2016.  As time passes, it seems that I am in the minority, but never have liked those engines and never will  They have been running around for twenty years in that tired, merger paint so can't even get excited about shooting them under the theory that they will be gone soon.
Anyways, the two Geeps looked to be handling a "Trail Turn" with about 40 cars, mostly gravel loads.  The crew arrived and tied down in the yard so I headed to the north end looking for a 291 I heard on the scanner.  Driving up north a parked engine and parked train on the MNN just north of Dakota Jct. caught my attention. Especially so as both were painted in the Minnesota Northern maroon and gold reminiscent of the old Soo Line scheme.  Not too long after I stopped to shoot the parked train with MNN 1383 on the point, a MNN pickup showed with the crew to fire up the power and take the train to Crooskston.
On the move around the parked MNN Geep, the 1383 heads for the CP connection around the parked MNN 1356.  
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Brainerd Sub

Coal trains are running again.  Think the dock opened yesterday as they were starting to dump the trains that made it to Superior before the washouts.  Heard the Brainerd Local yesterday.  I think it is at least the second time it has been out there since the water problems.
A coal load and the Dilworth to Superior have come in off the Brainerd today.  I think a Superior to Dilworth manifest will be running sometime out that way later today.  Also was a coal empty out for the Brainerd earlier today.


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