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Rail Repairs Update

CN appears to be up and running.  Lots of Core trains to move and things are pretty bunched up so operations are unpredictable and things out of the norm to keep trains moving.
An example would be L567 out of Proctor for Rainer today with DMIR 404, 403, and IC 6250 hauling a 7000ft. manifest.  Rare to see Missabe maroon and/or tunnel motors north of Minorca Jct. (Virginia) on the Peg for sure, but must be using whatever they have to keep trains moving.
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Proctor Hill and Quiet Proctor

Adding to Kent's post from earlier today it will be sometime before they get ore and limestone up and down Proctor Hill.  Here is the roadbed just below the famous Spirit Mt. Curve shot as it looked this morning.
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After the Rains


The rain has finally stopped after the deluge of the past couple of days and the sun makes an appearance at the former Soo Line Winter St. depot Superior on the evening of June 20, 2012.

Would have been great to catch a CP train sloshing along into this drop down light, but the line is washed out in four places from here to Stinson Yard so not this time. Shot taken 38 minutes after 8pm on one of the longest days of the year. Been a long day for many Twin Ports residents here too.

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UP MITDM and some WN Action

Went out and about last Tuesday in search of the Wisconsin Northern and their  booming sand business north of Chippewa Falls, on the former North Western line  between Eau Claire and Superior.

On the way back home that evening, a stop at Saunders was in order to nab the UP  MITDM which is usually only shootable up here during the longest days of the  year.

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CN Twin Ports Flooding

As you may have heard, major rains last night and this morning up here has caused havoc with the railroads (among other things).
Proctor Hill and Steelton Hill are scheduled to be put back in service at about 6pm tomorrow (Thurs.) so everything is parked until washouts are fixed.  If that
time pans out that is a 36 hour outage for the Canada to Chicago line up here as they were put out of service early this morning.
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Saturday Evening

With the evening showers moving out over Lake Superior, BNSF 5799 West leads Hibtac empties under Tower Ave. (Hwy. 35) on the Allouez Sub. at Saunders, Wi. The ore empties are just started their trip out of Allouez and will load at Hibbing Taconite on the evening of June 16, 2012.

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Southbound Stacker On the Peg

With the talk of CN again looking at routing all of the Iron Range to Twin Ports traffic over the Missabe and tearing up the DWP route south of Fairlane, I decided to head into the other Cloquet River bridge and shoot a CN stacker when I heard it head south out of Shelton Jct. on Father's Day. This is one of the many locations on the Peg I haven't done anything with so the rumors are a good excuse to shoot the Rainy Sub.

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Father's Day Morning

Was a very nice Father's Day morning to be out. Next time Marcus and I will defer and let you have the Cloquet River shot and all the bug bites. The mosquitoes were unbelievable even with bug spray. Here's our shot there.

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Proctor Switch

With the longer days, I was able to get out the night before and caught this 4-pack close to 8pm.
Lots of Minorca limestone moving and can usually catch the PRS pulling it up the Hill or a U719 leaving the north end of Proctor each evening.
Here is another PRS job at Spirit Mtn. with more Minorca Limestone.
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Some Soo Action

Still possible to find Soo Geeps working the yard and transfer jobs up here regularly. Last Tuesday here is the Transfer to Duluth working through Superior. I believe Dave got the same train switching Azcon in Duluth.


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