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215 and 211 Working the Yard

Last Sunday I was at Proctor with the kids and we waited at the St. Louis River Rd. bridge for a shot of 211 and 215 switching the yard.  They were parked with a cut of cars, but the engines were right under the bridge just where you couldn't shoot them.  There was no crew around, but it looked to me that they were blocking tracks that would be needed so would have to move eventually.
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Sunday Hibtac

Was out Sunday midday for a bit as the Scanner Feed indicated a train out of Hibtac.  Since I got hosed shooting this decent looking 8978 MAC a few weeks ago I went to Alborn for a retry.
Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI
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4-pack PRS Pulling Limestone

Have seen the PRS running with a 4-pack the past couple of weeks, but finally saw the horsepower being put to full use pulling a full Minntac train up Proctor Hill.
The 4-pack as of today on Proctor hill is the same except the 6000-series engine on the north end has been replaced by Bessemer 909.
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UP Adams Train

Last Sunday I drove out of the cold and fog of Superior to find some sun along CN's former WC line. Was a couple of CN trains on the Superior Subdivision which was good, but they ended up stalling the progress of UP's Itasca to Adams train, which leaves Itasca around 1700 on Thursdays and Sundays. Didn't think UP 6225 was much of a leader until I saw it was a SP patch. Too bad they held this guy for a M342 that wasn't even out of Pokey yet, but I still eeked out a broadside at South Range.

Tomorrow's MITAD might have some interesting power as there was three power sets at Itasca today. One was a GE duo with a different SP patch trailing. There was also the regular local UP Geep power along with a GP60, SD60M pair. The SD60M looked worn and tagged, but the better GP60 was pointed south. Maybe they are not for tomorrow's Adams train, but still different power for UP up here. Departure time is usually around out of UP Connection at 1700, CN willing.

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Friday PRS in Fog

The past work week has been cloudy, rainy, and mostly foggy.  Yesterday afternoon I went to check Proctor Yard, but the fog was the thickest it has been in a quite awhile.  Couldn't see anything in the yard or tell what was at the Diesel House with the thick blanket of fog.  On the south end of the yard I could barely tell an empty limestone was moving into position for the trip down the hill.  After a few minutes and an authority, they pulled over 2nd St. in the pea soup.
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Proctor Observations With Two Shots From a Week Ago

Passing through Proctor the past week here are some things I have noticed.  
DM&IR 215 has been spun, is facing north, and is on the E-Lead SD38-2 pair. So shots of it from the St. Louis River bridge should be able to be had in the afternoon/evening with it "leading."  The other maroon, the 403, has not been seen in Proctor for the past week so I assume it is over on the Two Harbors side?
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Soo 4400 at the Port

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LSRM SD45 heading out for paint

As Kent mentioned the SD45 headed out of Duluth via CP on Thursday. I was lucky to catch this move about a mile from my house on my way home. Usually more normal to see a CP move this time of the evening heading to Duluth, but here is the transfer from Duluth with the WC SD45.

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Friday Evening Transfers

Had some time to head around town to take some shots close to home this evening.  With it a weekday, there are more transfer and switch jobs compared to the  weekend.

First, I went on the 21st St. overpass to shoot a short Duluth Transfer heading  for 28th St. Yard. Was hoping the 2801 was leading as it was yesterday, but got the GP28. I guess a pair of green units is OK even if they are getting a bit worn.

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A Difference of a Decade on the E-Rails

Even with a reduced frequency, it is great to see CN shipping ore again from Minnesota to Escanaba, MI.  Shot the rear DP unit of U-754 on the Missabe's former Interstate Branch near Ambridge, WI as Dave and Max shot the IC 1001 a bit west (railroad north) at the Nemadji River.  This is the first E-Rail to Esky this winter which the WC ran daily Jan. through March.  Amazing that sporadic moves in the winter are all the ore trains this one time hot bed for ROC gets.


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