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A Couple From a Warm Saturday

Had the chance to be out yesterday which was a good thing as it was warm and sunny, and the North Shore Scenic running one of their coal trains out of storage  Along the way up towards Two Harbors I found that coal train would start from just south of Knife River.  With no sign of them yet and meets being set up at Brimson and Highland on the CN, it was north on Highway 2 from Two Harbors.  Over the hill from Two Harbors the weather was completely different with low clouds about 10 miles away from Lake Superior.  Was completely sunny everywhere else in the area.
At Highland there was frost on the trees and a meet between BLE 900 and DMIR 404.  Here is the best shot I got from there.
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Three 6000s

One thing the CN seems to enjoy doing around here is running matched sets of locomotives.  Lots of shots made of the Bessemer trio and IC trio that ran up and down Proctor Hill last year and earlier this year.
Right now there is a cool DMIR/CN tunnel motor trio running out of Two Harbors, that Dave nabbed nicely on Saturday.  Out of Proctor the limestone power has been three SD40-2Ws, although the paint isn't matched and pretty worn on 2/3 of that set.  Looks to be another 3 of a kind set out of Proctor.  Saw late last week that three CN 6000-series SD40u(?) were together with 6017, 6006, and 6021 together.  Been seeing and hearing some other power on the PRS and the 6000s weren't visible around Proctor Friday and parts of Saturday so wasn't sure if they were still using them or together, but saw them on the docks Sunday afternoon.
Got a few shots before rushing to skating lessons of our own on the Wisconsin side.
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Hanging With the Ice Fishermen (and Max)

Drove over to Steelton to check on the Escanaba E-Rail on Sat. morning a bunch of ice anglers on the St. Louis River near the Oliver Bridge.  Decided it would be fun to work them into some shots from the ice (after they assured me the ice was 14"-18" thick everywhere they drilled).
Caught M340, the helpers for M347 and both ends of the U-754 before chasing the E-Rail East.  Max arrived for the E-Rail and I let him walk ahead of me on the ice.
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Last Saturday

After dropping off the kids at home had the opportunity to get a few shots around Superior/Oliver.

The CP called the BNSF to announce they had 22 cars for them on a transfer. Here they are at the former Soo depot at the corner of Odgen and Winter St.

And on the CN a northbound with helpers on the Minnesota side of the Oliver Bridge.

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More Sunday Old Town

Here a couple from me as I was showing my dad some of the trackage around our house and we heard a horn.

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0600 Proctor Roadswitch

Saw the 0600 PRS departing Proctor on my way to work today at about 0730.  Didn't go for a shot of the 6000-trio with the heavy clouds and flurries making for a dark morning.  With that 0600 start time I see them head down the hill more days than not in the 0715-0745 range.  
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Saturday Morning Missabe Action

Was a bright, but very cold and windy Saturday today.  Had the Range Radio feed on and heard BLE 903 South getting rollby from a MofW employee along with a warrant south from the Range.   Decided to head north and got to the ore docks in Duluth before seeing the 0600 PRS heading down the ramp into Missabe Jct.  I quickly turned around and got up on the 27th bridge for a shot.
The morning PRS (R921) seems to be having a 0600 call time lately and last week I heard/saw it leave Proctor about 0730 to quarter eight most mornings.
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Proctor Observations

Haven't shot anything the past couple of weeks, but still pass through Proctor on many weekdays.

This week I have noticed:

DM&IR 403 has been the north leader on the "straight air" set bringing taconite to Dock 6. It is paired with DM&IR 402 and a CN 6000 series.

Lots of Bessemer orange around Proctor this week with at least three different pumpkins on power sets.

When the black IC trio was broken up, 6252 and 6250 saw shop time. The 6250 actually emerged with a bath and looks a more glossy shade of
black, but now has a fresh yellow frame stripe over the worn white one. Looks like the 6259 that ran around here before the Highland head on.

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Shot on the day before Christmas Eve

I was able to get a shot on the day before Christmas Eve too. I only had to travel a couple of blocks to shoot the UP heading back to Itasca.

[G2:12311 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Nice seeing snow yesterday although the couple of inches we got might melt in the next couple of predicted mild days. I don't normally find myself saying it was nice to see snow, but it is Christmas after all.

Merry Christmas to all!

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI

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Couple of CN Trains Today

Haven't made it out much lately, but much of yesterday and all of today was
sunny so I took a spin around town this morning and caught a couple of CN

First is a long northbound on Steelton Hill.

[G2:12279 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Passed on shooting the SD75I and C44-9W helpers and bolted over towards South I.
for a Q196 lead by CN 2421. It met A403 at Parkland so I got a few shots of it
leaving the Twin Ports. This was my favorite down by Rockmont.

[G2:12283 n=1 frame=none size=500]


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