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GEs on NSM Last Month

 Here is a shot of them from this past Sunday as they have just left the mine yard and are about to pass under the former Erie Mining Co. Dunka overpass.  Very quiet out there.

No DPU on the train and the two units up front. 

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Massive Consist

I was able to drive like a mad man after hearing the MRF call RTC wishing to depart Keenan with 11 units, four loads and 29 empties for Proctor. I figured it was worth a good chase. A quick message to Dave in case I didn't catch them and I was off.

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It was a dark night

Here is another literally middle of the night shot from last night. Photo was snapped at 12:08 a.m. at United Taconite.

The luck of having steaming pellet loads, a new crew, a T-Bird train and a still night all came together for this one.

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DM&IR 403

The DM&IR 403 is still working out of Two Harbors, leading every other trip. Heard it last night heading south so I went out to intercept and try for another experimental shot. Ended up on the overpass in Biwabik as they rounded the curve out of sight.

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Some Cold and the Kelly Lake Local

Figured I would share a few other shots from earlier this week when the temps. were cold(er) than it is now. It was nice to be able to get a few shots of the same train from both ends of the power as the crew went to wye it. Bonus was they did it while the sun was coming up. Even the security guard thought it looked pretty neat after he stopped and asked what the heck I was doing out there so early in the morning. 

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More Cold

Another cold one this morning on Minnesota's Iron Range. Readings of -35 in the Babbitt, Ely, Tower areas were broadcast on the radio during the weather report however it was only -27 degrees at United Taconite for this shot just after sunrise.

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Workhorses of the CTRR

Here are the three current workhorses of the CTRR

Usually the #35 works the dayshift switching while one or the other smaller ones works the nightshift.

Earlier this fall I was told they are getting another SW1000 to add to the fleet. It's "supposed" to be here this spring and at that time the whole fleet will be re-painted also.

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It started out to be a cold and clear morning on Minnesota's Iron Range today with temps. registering at -25 degrees and a nice "breeze" from our friends to the north bringing -40 degree wind chill readings.

No better time to try and shoot some rail action!

First mission was to get a train of steaming taconite pellets.

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Orange on both ends

With the orange trio of Bessemer's running from Proctor to Minntac lately I realized I have had the opportunity to shoot a version of this trio on both ends of the former Missabe along with several places in between. And it only took a liitle over a year and half to do it.

Starting back in 2011 when a B&LE trio was assembled for the PRS job running up and down Proctor hill. I was able to get them coming down the hill,

and before shoving out onto the dock,

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More Colorful Unitac

Here is that colorful Unitac a little farther north along Highway 7 at Fens. As Dave mentioned, not much steam in the air off the loads but it was cold out there.

Here was another steaming pellet train from today out of Minorca about to cross Highway 7


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