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LTV Flashback

If there had not been the wreck at TH the year before they could have run the "sixpack" and a "fourpack" to better the odds of getting all Fs. (Or two fivepacks.)  East end shots was something that I was going to do after I retired but the mine got retired before I did. I never got to shot much  down on the east end of the railroad. Here are a few from the west end of  the railroad.

Early season train from back in 1977. More engines than were required were sent so that they didn't have to work too hard. This was done to dry out the electricals after setting outside over the winter.

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Cliffs Erie Notes

A few days ago we checked in with Cliffs Erie (with permission) to see the current situation at the former Erie/LTV Steel Mining Company property.

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Erie/LTV Steel Mining

This is a little late in getting posted but I just had to dig out a few shots from my days at Erie/LTV Steel Mining.  In duties with the company, I made a trip to the Dunka Mine (of Erie) every few weeks.  On rare occasion I would come over the Dunka Bridge crossing the Reserve Mining track from Babbitt to Silver Bay and there would be a train approaching.  Even rarer would be the day that I had a camera along.  It appears from Todd's photos that the Reserve track has "grown in" with trees getting closer to the track while the Erie track has "grown over."  The last ore came out of the Dunka pit in 1994.
Because of the timing of my trips and the RMCO schedule, it appears that most of the trains that I managed to catch were empties returning to Babbitt. Reserve was still running both crushers at this time.

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Erie Mining 1977 Storm Flashback

 It was a storm similar to 2012 in 1977 that took out most of Erie Mining's track support from Crest to Taconite Harbor.  It is possible that there could be similar damage this time.  The '77 damage occured at a time when there was no traffic on the line due to a steelworker's strike.  These photos were taken a couple of days after that storm.

Erie Mining track about MP 71.3.

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Duluth Railroad Tourist Lines

North Shore Scenic RR is up and running as of Friday. Lester River trains and Pizza trains ran on Friday and today, Saturday. There are no more speed restrictions in effect or other limits due to the storm. Regular trains to Two Harbors are scheduled for next week.

I was told that the LS&M is waiting on BNSF to fix the washout there. I suspect that BNSF has other priorities at the moment.

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The "Sinking Train"

This is a shot scanned from a color negative of the "sinking engine". It was taken in the mid 1970's as the 347 was beginning to disappear. Notice the end of the rails were still relatively level, not pointed to the sky as in Todd's photo. I don't think that there was every any ballast under the ties.

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Friday Flashback - LTVSMC

Really nice pictures, Dave. I miss my old girls. I also missed working that end of the railroad so I'll have to share some from the west end. Here's my two cents to add to this Friday's Flashback. Since Dave likes the GP over the F's here is a bunch of them (although not the 15/16).

A 7am pellet train departing the plantsite at MP2. 4210, 4207, 4201, 4204 & 4202 are the power for 120 loads headed for Taconite Harbor.
Jan 4, 2000

I'll take the F's as orginally planned - ABBA.

A 7am pellet train with an ABBA set departing at MP1. 4210, 4220, 4224 & 4211 lead 96 loads.
July 4, 1990.

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Flashback - DM&IR 129

I saw these units on Nov 10, 1990. In addition to the 166 that Dave mentioned, this set included the 187 and 164. All in rather well used condition. Several of these units ended their DM&IR operational careers on lease/rent to LTV Steel Mining Co in the mid 90's. Just before they were sold off or scrapped by the Missabe.

As a bonus another shot shot of a matched set from an earlier time, when the units were in their prime.

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D&NE 28 Move

The D&NE 28 was delivered by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum's DMIR 193 about 0830 this morning, Dec 13.

[G2:12275 n=1 frame=none size=500]

After wying, two BNSF road engines (6039 & 9169 I don't know what they are. They all look the same to me! I think one was a GE and the other an EMD.) were attached to either end of the 28. An air line was run over the steam engine to connect the air on the diesels. No air was applied to the 28. At about 1130 they departed Rices Point and headed for Superior. Several stops were scheduled along the way so that bearing temperatures could be measured and corrective action taken if necessary. First stop was just passed the DMIR Ore Docks. The train was called an "Officer's Special."

[G2:12255 n=1 frame=none size=500]

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Iron Range Derailment

Sometime early this morning the last four cars of a southbound pellet train decided to go their own way at the new switch at Nugget. This is on the CN's Iron Range subdivision. The IC 6253 was taking a 136 car loaded train to Two Harbors when the derailment happened.

[G2:11114 n=1 frame=none size=500]

[G2:11118 n=1 frame=none size=500]

It appears to me that just before the train was complete over the Nugget switch the last four cars split the switch or somehow took off towards the Hinsdale spur. They remain upright but there is some track damage.


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