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Soo 2719. Finis for me.

Here a some shots from this past Friday's 2719 operations. No new locations just a photographic reflection. 

Roster shot at the LSRM.

Victor next to the vanquished.

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Proctor Power Play

Last night after delivering a Pokegama transfer into Proctor Yard, we parked our power over at the diesel shop which was full of power, more that I have seen in recent time. So here is a snapshot of what I saw.

DM&IR 403 IC62xx B&LE 909 heading down Proctor Hill with a dock train.
DM&IR 215 and CN 5318 on the E-Lead Switch.
At the shop.

DM&IR 211 still parked in the former Mallet Stall location.
Behind the shop, GTW 54xx still in grey KCS paint.

On the ready tracks in no particular order.
IC 6261 IC 6253 IC 1011
CN 8951 CN 5244 CN 5337 CN 5351 CN 6024 CN 2407 CN 2645 CN 5683 CN 5636 CN 5411 CN 5414
GTW 5937 5934

No idea what was inside the shop but I am guessing the DM&IR 212 was inside finally getting some attention to address the oil leaking issue it has.

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I uploaded some older digital images from 2005-07 of local train action I shot. Some of the photos were taken while I was on duty for CN and gives a insiders view most can't get unless one trespasses. Other shots I may have posted before but shows the variety and how much things have changed over the years and are worth showing again in my opinion.

I will just post links, descriptions are included with the photos.

Meet between a all-rail ore empty and the Superior to Northtown train.

Departing Nickerson. Many of these Oakway SD60s are now property of CN.

Superior to Northtown rolling through Askov MN.

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More SD60s for CN?

It has been reported that CN will acquire the remaining former Oakway SD60s from leaser GMTX (CN's first were EMDX). No word as to when they will start arriving on the property. 

Currently CN is finishing up the repainting of the first batch of SD60s and will presumable start work soon on the second batch of former C&NW Dash 8s which have been shipped to CN from leaser CREX. Those GE's will wear roadnumbers 2000-2043. 

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Horses of a different color

Out and about running errands this afternoon ( and staying away from anything CN) I swung by the Belknap Street facility in Superior and snapped a few images of the SD40-2s that the BNSF has been running on locals and yard jobs. 

With a fair amount of 3rd generation GE's and EMD's also present today these SD40-2s are a refreshing sight. At one time many of us would speak ill words seeing all those SD40-2s on trains but now they are a sought after subject in the railfan world. Even that other railroad has assigned many SD40-2s to ore trains and other freights that move around the northland.

So here we have two SD40-2s in different shades of color awaiting the next call to duty.

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Twin Ports 1st Gen Geep rebuilds.

Went out this afternoon railfanning, pretty quiet action-wise but I grabbed a few shots of some our local rebuilt Geeps running around. (okay, they were sitting)

The BNSF 1502 sports the new H3 "swoosh" scheme.

Calumet Refinery in Superior has two rebuilds (and large grey cards to mess with exposure). First off the more known NPR 1613 which is a former CP geep.

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Proctor SD40 update

B&LE 909 is now part of a 4 pack of CN wide cab SD40-2 types running on transfer service out of Proctor Yard. The 909 replaced CN 5262 and now shares company with CN 5264, 5298 and 5303. They ran on a Proctor to Pokey transfer this morning and were heading back to Proctor with a 9900 ton transfer from Pokey shortly before lunch. 

Three pack BLEers, 903, 904 and 905 are back together after a short break up following some minor inspection work on one earlier this week. They were sitting near the yard office waiting their next assignment.

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NSSR coal train move

Under cloudy skies the NSSR moved train set number three up for storage on Wednesday afternoon. Since the trains roll right by my house in Lakeside and the rumbling of a 120+ empty cars over jointed rail is enough to wake the dead I had the heads up needed. So I hopped in the truck and headed up the shore.

I set up just south of French River on the dark side of the sun, the thicker clouds rolled in diffusing the shot just a bit more. Both SDs were working nicely up the grade as they went by.

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DM&IR 215 back in service

DM&IR 215 was released from the Proctor Diesel shop yesterday and now sports rebuilt/repainted trucks. All work was performed in house at Proctor and not down in Woodcrest as in the past. The 215 is now partnered up with the 212. The 211 I believe is in the shop now for some needed prime mover work.

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Proctor 40's

It is well know locally how CN has assigned many SD40s (original, rebuilds, modified) types to the former Missabe properties. Here is a spinet of what one could find sitting around Proctor either in service or have work done at the shop on a Sunday night. 

CN 5244, 5264, 5273, 5298, 5303, 5337, 5338. All SD40-2Ws
CN 6006, 6013, 6017, 6021, 6024, GTW 5953, 5944  Originally all straight SD40s not called SD40-3s
IC 6261, 6252, 6254. SD40-3s rebuilt from SD40-2s.


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