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A hard working DM&IR 316

Here are some video I took of the MRHS's former DM&IR 316 heading back to Duluth last Friday. I am no professional video man by any means, but hey, you have to love the non-turbocharged sounds and the P5 blowing for the crossings. Yes I do own a tripod but I of course I didn't grab it.

The first shot is at Knife River pulling upgrade out of town.

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DM&IR 193 Heading South

Finally after getting an inspection by CN, the LSRM's former Missabe SD18 193 has begun its journey south the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad for new wheels. It was spotted yesterday at BNSF Rices Point Yard awaiting transfer to Superior and interchange to CN for movement south.

No idea how soon the 193 will be back but I am sure it can't be soon enough for some at the LSRM where its considered the "Cadillac" of the fleet. The former Soo GP30 700 is back at the LSRM but still hasn't been returned to service. Operations continue with MRHS's SD-M 316 and NSSR RDC1 9169.

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NSM 1234 at Pokey

NSM rebuilt SD28 1234 was sitting first out on the south end of track 8 in Pokegama Yard this morning. I am guessing since it was on the south end of the yard it made a trip up to the border or beyond the day Missabefan saw it heading north through Shelton Jct and now has been finally returned south to get on the correct northbound CN train to set it out at Virginia? Whew!


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SD45 transformation. WC 7495 to NP 3617.

Work has started at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum on WC SD45 7495 to change it back to its original NP colors and number 3617. Seen here inside the LSRM's shop yesterday, the class light housing have been cut out, a new nose gyralight notch was cut in and the cab sides are getting its orginal four windows put back. I don't recall who is going to do the repainting but the plan is to send the locomotive out soon. The locomotive is still not operational (yet) but it will look great back in the NP's black, gold and red stripe scheme.

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DM&IR Xtra 316 South

The last of the 1200 coal empties parked this winter were pulled off the NSSR this morning. Around 68 cars were left just west of Knife River where the bridge work over Hwy 61 continues. Cars are still stored outside Two Harbors yet with no plan to call them back into service.

The crew headed north light engine with the LSRM's former Erie Mining F9 4211 and MRHS's former Missabe SD-M 316. I was able to catch them at Lakewood Rd in sunlight. Some early morning scud crept in around town but was gone by the time the train was ready to head back to Duluth.

[G2:5043 n=1 frame=none size=500]

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New SD40-2 for NSM?

Over at Pokegama last night is what appears to be a former Norfolk and Western SD40-2 (bell mount was still in place on the high end on the long hood) that is in fresh blue and white paint heading for NSM I presume. It came up on train M347 on Wednesday and I believe the number could have been 5482. (I don't recall exactly). Could this locomotive be the one that was on NSM and I missed the fact that it was sent south for work?


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NSSR coal mtys Monday update.

Just talked to those in charge of the movement of the stored empties on the NSSR and here is an update. It is sounding like this will happen on Wednesday instead of tomorrow. Reason being is the BNSF will not have power in town till then to run the trains.

The museums power will be MRHS's former DM&IR SD-M 316 pointing west and LSRM's former Eire Mining F9 4211 pointing east.

Today North Shore Track Services cleared crossing through east Duluth of ice and snow in preparation for the movements and movements should occur during the daylight hours. As of now Wednesday local weather is forecasted to be clear and cold.

I will update the list tomorrow with an on duty time if one is set.

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Cold, Blue this Ore's for You

Picking up from where Dan left off. Up at NSM we were lucky enough to catch the early morning loads heading towards Silver Bay at Hwy 11. The 650 is leading with the 652 and a SD18 trailing.

[G2:4802 n=1 frame=none size=500]

The 657 on empties backlit with the rest of the non lettered NSM leasers.

[G2:4805 n=1 frame=none size=500]

We hit the road and one the first song on the radio once we started to roll was Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets". I took that as a good omen. It's one of Dave Schauer's all time favorite railfanning songs.

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Coal empties moved on NSSR

Last night around 2230 the string of empty coal cars that were disturbing drivers view of Lake Superior along the I-35 corridor in east Duluth were moved west out sight as promised by Ken Buehler from the LSRM. The MRHS's former SD-M 316 pulled the cars with ease into the new location through Leif Ericcson Park and the trainset secured. I know Mr. Medlin was out taking photos before the move happened. Hopefully he got some good shots.


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Missabe Monday flashback

With apologizes to Trainorders. These photos are pre-digital as I have been attempting to rescan many of the slides I have. Of course since things have been a bit dry photowise on OreRail we can take the wayback machine to a pre CN time. Sorry I don't have dates on two of the photos. I need to dig deeper through the files for those.

[G2:4560 n=1 frame=none size=500]


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