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Another ore carrying ship scrapped

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With a number of new hulls being built or on order to haul bulk cargoes like ore and coal on the Great Lakes and other bodies of water word comes today that a relatively unknown ore carrier was scheduled to be scrapped. 

No the scrapping article was not on the James Norris a classic Canadian self unloader from ULS that didn't become part of the Algoma Central Marine fleet last year. Or of the L.L.T.Calumet that was originally the Myron C Taylor once part of U.S. Steel's limestone hauling Bradley Fleet. No this vessel never sailed the Great Lakes because it was too large to fit through the canal system. And interestingly it has only been a ore hauler since 2007. Its name? Oriental Nicety. Doesn't sound familiar? Well how about the name it is most famous for carrying? Exxon Valdez!

Here is a photo link showing its deck after conversion to a bulker.

Yeah a bit off the required topics for TPR and OreRail but I found it interesting.