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August 6000s and SD40-2Ws

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My August shots of CN ore trains were mostly around Proctor, with no trips to the Range or Two Harbors.  So that means lots of rebuilt CN 6000s series SD40s and widecab SD40-2Ws for me.
With the 0600 and 1800 call times, not as many chances to shoot the Hill, but when I have caught them this summer, it has usually been 3 or 4 6000s, like back on Aug. 5.
Trains north out of Proctor have been seeing quite a few SD40-2Ws this summer.  Joining the scuzzing looking 5298 and 5303, which have mostly been on the Range this summer, have been the 5264, 5318, 5338, and 5349 (there may be others).  All except the 5264 have straight air and can been seen on pretty much any assignment on the former Missabe.
Here the 5349 pulls the MRF South.
A shot of the 5338 leading an empty Utac pellet loader last week.
The 5338 and 5318 teaming up on an empty up Proctor Hill today.  This must have been an extra switch as the 0600, with the IC 6256 for an identifier, was already up in the yard.
And from a short chase of CN 5264 from earlier this summer,  Had these on Flickr, but think I forgot links to the list.
Shows that when I have been out, about I all I caught were the 6000s or the SD40-2Ws around here in August although I have have noticed a few SD75s creep onto limestone, MRF, and ore trains out of Proctor as the month has gone on.
Kevin Madsen

Superior, WI