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Bessemers and the 212

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As has been noted, the Bessemer trio was broken up in late January.  Before that I managed to get out for a few shots of them.
First up is the 906 leading the 903 and 904 at South Alborn back on Jan. 20th.
Pellet traffic into Proctor has been heavy this winter with lots of Minntac pellets moving through Proctor.  Suppose it also helps that CN runs NO all-rail trains even during the Jan.-March period where Lake Superior is shut down. Anyways an afternoon train was called out of Proctor for the Range which drew the trio.  Here they are moving under the 33 bridge.
The next day was a real cold Monday with another afternoon call time out of Proctor for the trio.  Nice that there is still some light after 1600 as the days are starting to get a little bit longer.  First up is the 904 at Canosia Road then again at 33.
Those were my last shots of the latest Bessemer trio.  Even with the break up, lots of orange around Proctor with I think 4 out of the 5 assigned on the former Missabe in the Proctor pool lately.  Here is the 904 paired up with a CN SD40-2W and former Missabe tunnel motor arriving Proctor a week ago today.
Nice seeing (and hearing) the SD38-2s in yard service, but here is a shot of the 212 when it was still out on the road in peeling maroon paint almost exactly seven years ago.  Hard to believe seven years ago it was CN.
Kevin Madsen

Superior, WI