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BNSF Storm Light

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Last Saturday afternoon (10/27) there were far more clouds than sun but a note from Kevin indicated a pair of Soo Line SD60s were working Stinson (see prior post). I rounded up the kids and headed to Superior. While waiting for the Soo units to head for BNSF the clouds started to break up to the southwest and we were able to get some decent "storm light" images. BNSF orange looks fantastic with a dark sky.

There were two remote jobs working the 60-yard and they would prove to be nice targets between cloud breaks. Here 1698 switches near 21st Street. I would run across this guy later.

I then went down to Belknap Street where the other remote job was picking up a few cars. Great storm light here.

I noticed a sharp looking geep at the engine facility and waited for the sun to shine on it.

These Soo Line/CP hoppers made for a nice contrast shot.

Caught 1850 again headed towards 28th Street.

Then went down to Winter Street to catch the Soo pair leaving for Stinson but as we waited light power rolled past.

After shooting the Soo transfer near UWS/Indianhead I worked back towards home and caught a pair of green SD40-2s working at21st Street.

The last shot was of 1698 switching Charter Films at Winter Street in that special "golden hour" light. After I took this shot I noticed the sun starting to dip into the next layer of approaching clouds from the west. That hour or so break we had was perfect.

Thanks again to Kevin for the reason to head across bay and to BNSF/Soo for providing plenty of movements.

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society