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Canadian National/DW&P

[G2:752 n=1 size=150]DWP transfer outbound from BN 28th Street Yard bound for Pokegama Yd. in Superior WI. Jan 1994 [G2:762 n=1 size=150]CN train Q118 is southbound out of Superior for Chicago at MP446. Photo by Scott Carney. [G2:765 n=1 size=150]CN train M347 is northbound out of South Itasca on the DM&IR. The train will change crews at Pokegama Yard and continue north to Rainer on the US/Canadian border. Photo by Scott Carney. [G2:768 n=1 size=150]A southbound loaded Potash train enters DM&IR tracks at Nopeming Jct. for the trip down the hill to the former DW&P yard at Pokegama. This train will continue on south to Chicago. Once the CN merged the WC into their system the DW&P mainline along with the WC route became part of the Wisconsin Central Division of the CN. [G2:760 n=1 size=150]A night photo taken at DMIR's Steelton Yd. in west Duluth. CN Train #340 waits as a UP Geneva Steel All-Rail ore train depart ahead of 340, as the lights of the CN train cast a glow on the surrounding area. Dec. 1999. [G2:731 n=1 size=150]Train # 344 passes a set of DMIR power laying over at Steelton Yd. in the far western edge of Duluth. Steelton Yd. is where the WC and UP interchange All-Rail ore trains with the DMIR. Steelton is at the base of a 2+% downhill grade from Nopeming Jct. and for the last couple of miles from this point to Pokegama Yd. it is relatively flat running. Sept. 2000 [G2:742 n=1 size=150]A CN detour train is seen at South Itasca (Superior) WI. as it prepares to enter the WC trackage for Chicago. During the spring of 1996 both the CN and CP ran detours trains through the Twin Ports while washouts on their mainlines through Canada could be repaired. Spring 1996 [G2:734 n=1 size=150]SD75I #5799 and a leased BNSF Heritage I SD40-2 #6330 lead CN train #347 across the DMIR's Nemadji River bridge in Superior WI. The DWP relies on trackage rights over the DMIR's Interstate Branch to access other railroads yard for interchange in Superior. Aug 2000. [G2:738 n=1 size=150]CN SD40 #5020 leads a southbound train over the DMIR's Oliver Bridge the location of the Minnesota and Wisconsin border. Aug 1989. [G2:758 n=1 size=150]A northbound DWP train with a Soo Line SD40 leading, is about to cross under I 35 near Midway Rd. on the DWP's old West Duluth alignment in the 1980's. Photo By Dan Mackey. [G2:756 n=1 size=150]A view of a detoured CN train coming off the DMIR at Nopeming Jct. The track in the foreground is the CN's mainline to Canada, and to the far right is the original up and over alignment of the DWP line to the former West Duluth yard. This train was detoured over the DMIR at Virginia MN. on account of washouts on the CN line south of Virginia . July 1999 [G2:736 n=1 size=150]The DWP was famous for their Alco RS11 fleet. Here, Dan Mackey caught two them sunning themselves near the roundhouse at the former yard in West Duluth in 1981. [G2:746 n=1 size=150]An Alco RS11 and a SD40 team up to lift a train out of the DWP's West Duluth Yard. The bridge in the foreground is in the backyard on the Duluth Zoo and is still in place to this day. Photo by Dan Mackey. [G2:750 n=1 size=150]RS11 3608 was the only Alco in the DWP's fleet to receive a chopped short hood, and is seen with sister 3610 at the former Bridge Yard in Downtown Duluth. This photo was taken at 5th Ave west near the present day Depot. It is now all gone except for on track on the south side for the North Shore Scenic Railroad. I-35 now takes up this property. Photo taken in 1981 by Dan Mackey. [G2:754 n=1 size=150]Speaking of passenger trains, the DWP has sponsored a number of trips in the winter for the benefit of its employees around Christmas time. Check out the former GN heater trailing the 5907. Photo by Dan Mackey [G2:744 n=1 size=150]A CN SD40 leads a loaded hopper train over Grassy Point Drawbridge in Superior, WI from its West Duluth Yd. to interchange with BN in the early 1980's. Photo by Dan Mackey. [G2:748 n=1 size=150]A northbound CN run-through train pulls upgrade at Virgina MN. Trailing this GP40-2 are a couple of Rail America GP38's and a WC SD45. Sept 2000.