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Canadian Pacific

[G2:1543 n=1 frame=none size=640]Canadian Pacific involvement in the Duluth-Superior railroad scene can be linked to the once extensive rail network of the Soo Line. When CP purchased the remaining stock of the Soo Line in the 1990s, it inherited a much smaller local operation than the Soo Line had developed in the past. In fact, at one time the Soo Line had four routes to the Twin Ports, more than any other single railroad. Today, CP has no ownership of any rail line entering Superior. CP gains access to the Twin Ports from St. Paul and Bemidji over trackage rights granted by Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Here is a recap of former Soo routes into the area (not including current trackage rights over BNSF to St. Paul that Soo gained in its 1985 purchase of the Milwaukee Road):

Superior-Ashland: Trackage rights over BN. Ended mid-1970s.
Superior-St. Paul: Abandoned early 1980s.
Superior-Ladysmith (Chicago): Sold to WC in 1992.
Superior-Moose Lake (Brooten/Thief River Falls): Abandoned 1990.


CP's roundhouse and small yard between 21st Street and Belknap in Superior was removed in 2000, with all engine servicing being done at Stinson Yard. Stinson, located south of the old roundhouse area, is the primary arrival and departure yard for CP in the Twin Ports. The railroad also operates a small stub-end yard in Duluth near the port terminal. This yard mainly handles grain traffic and business generated from Duluth's port. CP typically uses former Soo Line GP38-2s for local switching and transfer service, although rebuilt CP geeps and MP15s have spent time here. Power for road trains can be just about anything on the former Soo roster, including SD60s, SD40-2s, and leased locomotives. Newer CP GE locomotives are common on road trains as are CP SD40-2s. The best place to catch CP action is at Stinson Yard, with trains arriving, departing, and switching (see photo above). CP trains gain BNSF rails at M&J Junction, southwest of Stinson Yard. CN's Stinson Sub (former Soo/WC) enters the yard from the south. A new yard office was constructed at Stinson in 2003, replacing an older Soo Line structure at the same location (on the left in the photo). Yard and transfer jobs are usually called for 07:00 and run to Duluth in the morning.