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Catching Up Around Town

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With me catching up on processing and posting photos, here are some from the summer of 2011. If you have been checking my Flickr page, might not be much new for you here on this post.

Living close to the UP, I have seen this train the most this summer. Too bad it always has lease power, but I have still managed a few shots.

Was happy to get an early morning return to Itasca on top of the Nemadji River.

[G2:11652 n=1 frame=none size=500]

And an evening shot just a block or two from our house. The bridge has been since repainted solid black.

[G2:11656 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I happened to be out running some errands when I came upon this one unit CP transfer in Superior. I decided to shoot it from the Bong Bridge. I was going to walk all the way to the middle of the bridge, and shoot it coming across Grassy Point Draw, but the light wasn't around to the north side even though it was approaching 1900. I guess fall and those shooting angles are coming sooner than later, so I shot it at No Name.

[G2:11660 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Last weekend I was traveling down the Twin Cities when I ran into this nice looking BNSF southbound which I caught right near the location where one drops of the Twin Ports Rail map. Here the 1930 South crosses the Kettle River.

[G2:1668 n=1 frame=none size=500]

On the BNSF, the local to Grand Rapids has been running with a pair of green, SD40-2s. Not a high priority for me to catch, but have seen them a couple of times. They run everyday but Sunday although on Saturdays and Mondays they may have extra engines. to set out at Rapids or Brookston. Afternoons have been a good time to photograph the BNSF south of Superior as morning and early afternoon M of W work mean everything runs in the afternoon and evenings. Here is last week when the Rapids got delayed because of all the afternoon trains.

[G2:11668 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Dealys again mean they made it out today to Carlton in the evening.

[G2:11672 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI