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Cloquet Terminal Railroad

Formerly known as the Duluth and Northeastern [G2:776 n=1 size=150][G2:772 n=1 size=150] The Cloquet Terminal Railroad wasted no time in replacing the yellow and green D&NE colors with this attractive red and black scheme first applied to SW1 32. Photos by Dave Schauer. [G2:789 n=1 size=150][G2:779 n=1 size=150][G2:786 n=1 size=150] D&NE/CTRR SW1000 35 is seen switching cars in the CTRR's small yard near downtown Cloquet. These covered hoppers are bound for the Diamond Brands processing plant on the west side of town. The picture on the right is of the CTRR's locomotive and car shop located on Dunlop Island in Cloquet. The area in off limits to photographers unless permission is obtained. [G2:782 n=1 size=150] Duluth and Northeastern SW1000 #35 switches cars at Cloquet MN. The D&NE was considered the last of the great logging railroads in Northern Minnesota. All that is left of it today is the trackage it uses to serve the D&NE's parent company Potlatch plant in Cloquet MN. Photo by Dan Mackey. [G2:784 n=1 size=150] D&NE SW1 #32 switches the interchange traffic off of the BNSF at Cloquet, MN. Since the D&NE abandoned their mainline out of Cloquet to Saginaw, MN their purpose now is to service its parent corporations plant in the background. August 1999. Photo by Scott Carney.