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Cloquet Terminal Railroad

Although not located in the Twin Ports, the Cloquet Terminal operates in nearby Cloquet, Minnesota, just 20 minutes southwest of Duluth on Interstate 35. Up until the fall of 2002 the Cloquet Terminal was known as the Duluth & Northeastern Railroad, a remnant of the once vast logging railroads found in Northeastern Minnesota. Today the bright red diesels of the Cloquet Terminal, three ex-EJ&E SW-1s and an SW-1000 (bought new by the D&NE), switch the large Sappi paper mill in town and interchange with BNSF (Sappi owns the CT). Cloquet Terminal's engine house is located on Dunlap island just west of the mill and Highway 33 overpass. At least two switch jobs work during the day, so finding one working in Cloquet is fairly easy (although access inside the mill is obviously off-limits). The engine house is visible from public property.

Radio 160.905 (53) and 161.490 (92).