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CN 2100's haven on the former Missabe.

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List member Scott Carney and I took the Fathers Day pass from the wives and headed out railfanning Sunday afternoon on the former DM&IR. The weather didn't cooperate with many brightly cloudy skies but we worked with it and were rewarded.

First off we caught the morning PRS with the 4 pack of CN 6000 series SD40-3s getting ready to head back up to Proctor with empties. First photo is off the new access road to the Western Middle School. The brakeman was walking a air test and would board the engines shortly.

Second photo is at Coolingwood as they 40s clear the dock and throttle up for the hlll.

The scanner chirped to life as a U716 called to depart Proctor. Leading was CN SD40-2W 5318 which was recently repainted and a older but clean CN North America SD40-2W with the B&LE 900 trailing. I took this grab shot at Munger though the trees of a recently brushed area just off of Hwy 2 below the Rainy Sub overpass.

The 5318 went all the way to Alborn to meet a southbound so we grabbed a rolling shot at Coons and at Burnett in storm light.

At Alborn the 5318 headed into the siding to meet a southbound CN local job from Virginia. That train was lead by former BNSF Dash 8 CN 2160 and a 2400 trailing.  After the meet I took a shot of them rolling along at one of my favorite location on the Missabe Side down at Culver.

The 2160 met a short 48 car Minorca limestone at Coons. The limestone also had a former BNSF Dash 8 leading a IC SD70. After the meet we rolled up to a high point north of Bear Trap Road and shot them coming off the curves toward the Cloquet River bridge.

Arriving Alborn where they met a empty Minntac Limestone with you guessed it another former BNSF Dash 8! They smoked them up for us on departure.

By this time the clouds were getting thick so we followed them back grabbing a couple shots again north of Bear Trap Rd.

The limestone held the main at Coons to wait for a tardy A403 that was late departing Proctor for Rainer. We headed down to Adolph and walked in on the old Hwy 2 right of way and waited. Finally A403 departed with a 10,000 ft train and a dirty Dash 9 leading that broke our 2100 series streak but by this time the clouds were thickening and a heavy thunderstorm was approaching. We did snap one shot of them as they departed.

That was it for Sunday.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN