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CN Ashland News

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Unconfirmed but reliable reports indicate CN has sold the Ashland Subdivision to Genesee & Wyoming. G&W had made an offer to buy these lines in the past but CN set the selling price high as they waited on possible buyers for White Pine and the development of a taconite plant. Included are the mainline from Tomahawk (Tomahawk Railroad is a G&W property) to Rhinelander over to Prentice then north to Ashland plus the White Pine line. It can be assumed CN has some clause in the agreement that allows them to reclaim the line or at the very least operate over it should major traffic materialize (i.e. Gogebic Taconite). These lines being captive to CN also likely helped G&W's case for a spin-off. Makes one wonder with the Empire Mine closing how much longer the secondary lines in the UP will last under CN ownership. 

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN