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CN (DW&P and WC) Train Movements

A438/A439: DW&P business & Winnipeg traffic.

A404: Handles interchanged traffic off the BNSF, CP and former DM&IR south to Stevens Point, WI.

M345: Handles Winnipeg, BNSF, CP and DM&IR traffic from Stevens Point to Superior/Winnipeg.

M346: Winnipeg to Chicago. Train also handles cars destined for CN’s Valley Sub in Wisconsin.

M340/M341: Winnipeg to Chicago manifest traffic.

M342/M343: Winnipeg to Chicago traffic. Originates out of Jackson, MS.

M344: Winnipeg to UP Itasca Yard traffic.

Q118/Q119: Intermodal Vancouver to Chicago.

E249: Automobile and manifest traffic out of Detroit MI. No southbound counterpart.

L564/L563: Local wood hauling job originating out of the wood spur at South Itasca to Stevens Point.

S, B & U Trains: Bulk trains are designated for sulfur as S, grain or potash B, or taconite U.

A Trains: Reroute trains off BNSF at Saunders are designated with an A.