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It started out to be a cold and clear morning on Minnesota's Iron Range today with temps. registering at -25 degrees and a nice "breeze" from our friends to the north bringing -40 degree wind chill readings.

No better time to try and shoot some rail action!

First mission was to get a train of steaming taconite pellets.

The fog and frost in the air was an added bonus making it look that much colder.

With things quiet now on the Range, I decided to head for Cloquet and maybe Duluth for the afternoon.

The CTRR never disappoints especially in the cold with the steam from the two plants operating in town.

The "ROC' was supposed to a Keetac train coming thru town but they got really delayed on the north end so that didn't happen.

After the CTRR finished their day and with the clouds moving in heavy from the south I headed back up north and found a Minntac to Proctor ore train at N. Fairlane.

After they went by, it was a quick hop over to United Taconite for the U-717 ( with the remaining two thirds of the B&LE trio )that was loaded and waiting for northbound traffic before running south back to Proctor. 

By now the clouds had moved in solid so it was back home for the day.

Take care,

Todd M.
Eveleth, MN