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[G2:1515 n=1 frame=solid size=640]A must see while visiting the Twin Ports is the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in downtown Duluth. Here a borrowed IC E-unit and GN-painted F-unit mingle with the museum's Soo Line FP7 and Erie Mining F9 during Railfan Weekend in September 2004. Photo by Dave Schauer
[G2:1476 n=1 frame=solid size=640]With the Twin Ports being so close to Lake Superior fog can be an issue. Here three former DM&IR SD-Ms depart Proctor as viewed from the St. Louis River Road overpass at the north end of the yard. This is a prime location to photograph trains entering or departing the yard. Photo by Dave Schauer
[G2:1484 n=1 frame=solid size=640]A former ATSF GP20 works Elevator S in Superior. This unit is unusual for its large size (most local industries use smaller engines). Photo by Dave Schauer
[G2:1488 n=1 frame=solid size=640]The heaviest trains operated on the entire BNSF system are taconite (ore) trains from northern Minnesota to the former Great Northern ore facility at Allouez (eastern Superior). Here a 183-car train from Hibbing Taconite passes under Tower Avenue just north of Saunders with a DPU GE pushing. Photo by Dave Schauer
[G2:1492 n=1 frame=solid size=640]Back Cover: A 2002 aerial view of the expansive DM&IR (now CN) Proctor Yard and shop facilities. This view is looking south. Photo by Brian Hoag.