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A Couple From Monday In Superior

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Was able to catch a couple in Superior on Monday after work on a beautiful September day.
Crossing over the Blatnik Bridge I noticed a BNSF job shoving about 50 cars into CHS.  Since it took some time to place the grain loads on three different tracks, I was able to get in position for a shot of BNSF 3004 and the former IAIS that has been working around town.
I had to pick up my son and missed the 3004 pulling empties away from CHS, but running right behind parallel on the Corridor was this CP job from Superior, going past the depot.  Lots of junk piled around the depot (now a landscaping company) and road construction had just about everything on the south side of the tracks blocked, but still wanted the Soo at the Soo depot.
The 4405 has since been sent out of town as far as I can tell, making for a CP GP40/GPECO combo around town.
Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI