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CP Action This Weekend

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Seems to be lots of CP moves around town with the Winnipeg reroutes and extra switch jobs.

Yesterday I was crossing the Corridor on my way home from work when I heard the CP call the Grassy Point Draw.

[G2:11146 n=1 frame=none size=500]

CP seems pretty busy today too (for a Saturday around here) as a 491 arrived Stinson sometime around 0700 this morning. These reroutes usually head north for borderland around 1600 each day, as that seems to be when CN can take them north.

The regular manifest, 483 arrived a couple of hours later in the morning and the power should go out this evening on 482. Guessing by what is on the "cab track" at Stinson, the 482 today/tonight should have a white Soo SD60 or StL&H SD40-2 leading.

CP 5739 south arrived off the Interstate Branch for Stinson and will probably go out on the Hinckley Sub. tonight southbound.

I would guess between those two trains there will be at least one CP southbound hit the Hinckley in daylight (at least this far northern end), but just a guess

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI