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CP Train 483

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Yesterday I had to go to Forest Lake and was hoping to catch a delayed CP train 483 (Minneapolis-Superior) while on the way. These trains typically run during the night and their operation of late has been hard to predict so it would make for a nice catch. Reports had the train out of Minneapolis at 0710 so it would have been well on its way north by the time I needed to head south.

As I worked down Highway 23 I heard the dispatcher give a rail train a decent amount of time near Bruno to retrieve rail so it didn’t look good for intercepting 483. I passed through Hinckley without hearing or seeing the CP train. However, on the way back home I stopped in Hinckley to catch the BNSF local delivering cars to the St. Croix Valley. It was nice to see them picking up a handful of loaded sand cars and delivering a number of empties.

After I got back in the car I heard the dispatcher talking to CP 5011 north.  Apparently the train had issues on the southern part of the Hinckley Sub and was just now getting moving again. With this info I headed for Sandstone and caught them rolling across the Kettle River. The sun was filtered and the gusty winds at the bottom of the river valley eliminated any decent reflection but it was nice to see four EMDs up high.

From there I tried a pacing shot on a deserted Highway 23 with the train moving around 35 mph. CP 5011 is a new EMD rebuilt SD30C-ECO unit.

Given clouds and no nose light I headed up 23 and picked up Gus before cutting across 105 to catch it at Boylston where we hooked up with Kevin to snag 483 as the day drew to a close. The train had 112 cars, partly because CP is down to running it just twice a week (it had been tri-weekly).

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN