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Dock 6 Fire

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Reports indicate CN experienced a fire on a conveyor belt at Dock 6 and is loading ships by direct dump of cars into the shiploader (and some possibly using the gravity chutes). They are running short shuttle trains from Lakehead to the top of 6 to keep the loader charged.

It is also confirmed that CN needs additional ground space this winter at Lakehead for pellets so all limestone will be handled by nearby Hallett Dock Company, not unlike their current agreement. CN has been exploring options to build out the Lakehead facility and construct an area on the south side where ships can direct discharge limestone using their self unloading booms. This would free up the traditional space for pellets and not need to use Hallett. The way CN isn't afraid to spend it money it might just happen (especially if they are serious about the Essar traffic, although my money is on BNSF).

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society