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Erie/LTV Steel Mining

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This is a little late in getting posted but I just had to dig out a few shots from my days at Erie/LTV Steel Mining.  In duties with the company, I made a trip to the Dunka Mine (of Erie) every few weeks.  On rare occasion I would come over the Dunka Bridge crossing the Reserve Mining track from Babbitt to Silver Bay and there would be a train approaching.  Even rarer would be the day that I had a camera along.  It appears from Todd's photos that the Reserve track has "grown in" with trees getting closer to the track while the Erie track has "grown over."  The last ore came out of the Dunka pit in 1994.
Because of the timing of my trips and the RMCO schedule, it appears that most of the trains that I managed to catch were empties returning to Babbitt. Reserve was still running both crushers at this time.

As I recall, I found out about a special move and took September 20, 1978 as vacation and parked at the Dunka Bridge for a few hours.  Not a nice day but interesting trains.

Last couple of shots off the Dunka Bridge are of the first two Cyprus Northshore Mining trains.  Reserve Mining had shutdown and filed for bankruptcy in 1986 (I think) and the remaining assests were purchased by Cyprus Mining which restarted the mine with the first ore moving to Silver Bay on Jan 5, 1990 in two trains.