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Flashback - au naturel WC

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This flashback takes us to 1995, a year when natural (red) ore from the Auburn Pit near Virginia was rolling all-rail to U. S. Steel’s Gary Works before the mine put in a dryer that removed excess moisture from the ore and allowed it to move through Dock 1 in Two Harbors. I didn’t get to shoot many of these solid trains, in fact I think just one or two on the Missabe headed for Two Harbors and one on the WC running all-rail to Chicago. This pleasant September day Dan Mackey and I followed this WC train south out of Superior. A pair of SD45s were the power, the leader being a recently acquired Santa Fe burner. Ah, SD45s pulling low side regulars heaped with red ore – hard to beat that combination! 

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN