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Flashback - Bridge Yard 1960 & 1980

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A difference of 20 years in these shots. 

The first was taken by my father on a cool January at sunset. Can't see much given Kodachrome wasn't very forgiving in low light but there is enough here to be interesting. 

The next shot was 20 years later and is in the same general area but things have changed some. In 1980 the Lake Superior Museum of Transportation and Industry (today's LSRM) operated excursion trains in far western Duluth on select summer weekends, the first year that the historic LS&M line was reactivated for this purpose. In 1981 the official LS&M was formed (to shield the museum from direct liability) and we ran a full slate of weekends. Shots from the 1980 trips are somewhat harder to find and I never photographed them on the route as I didn't haul my dad's nice camera out there. This shot is showing a pair of BN NW-2s delivering the train back to the depot on what I suspect was a Sunday evening in July after a weekend of trips. I didn't take my first slide until September of that year but did have my dad's nice 35mm Nikon and 50mm lens with and the print negative scanned fairly well (with some needed touch-up work). 

Here is my first slide taken in September 1980, also in the general area of Bridge Yard. 

Dave Schauer
Duluth, MN