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Flashback - NSM GEs

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While NSM begins a four month test of GEs this week it is fun to look back to the late 1990s when NSM was shopping for newer power and borrowed a trio of GEs from LTCSMC. In this case they didn’t test the newest GEs on the market but rather a trio of rebuilt ex-ATSF U30Cs that sister railroad LTVSMC was leasing for road trains. They didn’t last long on NSM (a couple of weeks) but I was able to catch them a few different times. Here the trio rolls through Toimi with 150 loads headed for SB. NSM also tested a trio of Missabe 400s for a few trips and eventually elected to go with rebuilt SD40-3s from LRC.

Here is a comparison shot of the new GEs being tested this week. There is certainly a difference in color and look but the sound is similar.

As a bonus flashback, here is a shot of a NSM tailings train rolling back to Silver Bay with a nice classic set of EMD units including freshly painted 1225. Not quite full fall color but a little yellow to brighten an otherwise drab day.

Word out of Babbitt is that NSM also wants to test some EMD SD70ACe units in the near future as a comparison to the GEs. No word on exact timing.

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN