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A Foggy Sunday

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With the extreme warm temps hitting the region over the weekend and the cool air off Lake Superior conditions were ripe for localized fog. Normally when the fog rolls in I roll out.

First effort was the BNSF's Paper Mill Job working Mike's Yard. It was thick...

There was a train of 60+ empty scrap tie cars on "Mikes Main" ready to head for Superior so when they completed their air test I went across the Bong Bridge and much to my surprise Superior was sunny! This would make for a dramatic shot of the train rolling across Grassy Point coming out of the fog.

As the train moved closer I thought the crew was cleaning their windows but upon further review it turned out they were intentionally trying to disrupt my photography. Fortunately they spotted me after I had the shot I came for. Just makes you wonder about the maturity level of some people.

When I heard they would take the Coal Runner to 28th Street I went to the 21st Street viaduct and waited on the other side and stayed low so they couldn't see me. It worked, no "window washing" this time. Notice you can't see Duluth due to the thick fog.

Back to Duluth where the 7-Superior was working Rices Point. The north end of the CP yard was in thick fog but the south end had some nice diffused light as the sun burned through. Here is a shot as they worked their train into the yard.

The contrast was strong enough where a black and white conversion actually has a stronger mood to it.

On our way home through Proctor we heard a loaded potash train rolling south through Coons so we intercepted at Munger in full sun and tried our luck on the Oliver Bridge. By now clouds had moved in with little hope for sun but as long as we were there I took a shot. What was neat was that a pin hole of light pierced the cloud deck and illuminated the nose of the lead unit. That's all it did - literally 2 seconds and it was gone. Not a great shot but interesting due to where the light fell.

We bagged the afternoon and went to grandma's house for our customary Sunday afternoon family meal. On the way home I noticed the fog was still hanging around the harbor so I motored the family up to Skyline before the sun dipped below the hill. Some very dramatic images of the Aerial Bridge, Elevator Row, and Rices Point were had.

When you grow up in Duluth you become accustomed to fog and find ways to work with it!

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society