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Four Class Ones and a SD60M

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Last Saturday I was able to catch all four Class Ones along with an extra CP move which was powered by a Soo SD60 and then a SD60M.

Didn't plan to head out to get all four Class Is, but started out driving around the Twin Ports in the late morning. Saw this transfer coming back from Rice's Point so set up on the Bong Bridge.

Heard a CN and BNSF ore train both coming down from the Range on their respective lines. Clouds to the north forced me to stay further south, so I shot the CN train behind a trio of repainted CN/IC SD40-3...finally caught them with sun at Munger.

Clouds kept pouring in the from the north so I decided to head towards Superior to see what was happening down by Saunders. Saw this guy on ATCS and shot him from the WI 35 bridge. 

Since it could pass as a UP move, I then decided it would be nice to shoot something BNSF to complete the quartet of Class Is around here. Problem was clouds got to be so thick I headed home.

On the way home I saw a rare for the Twin Ports Soo SD60M switching around Stinson as an Extra Switch. Completely clouded over, but once it became apparent the SD60M was heading to the BNSF, I decided to follow anyways. Got lucky near the east end of the Corridor with the SD60M trailing Soo SD60 6033. 

Ran into Dave near Winter Street, who was also out to fight the clouds and see the Soo power. There was BNSF moves all around 28th Street and I was able to cross the BNSF off my list as a coal empty headed up the Runner at 28th.

Not to long after, the CP was ready to head back to Stinson with the 60M leading. We were pleased that the clouds were really starting to thin and by the time Soo 6058 was heading back to their yard with a string of grain cars there was full sun.

Here they are at 12th St.

And again passing the empty field that was once the 21st Yard.

Turned out to be a great Saturday around the Ports with the Class Is and a transfer that looked like the Soo Line was still one of them around here.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI