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Fresh Snow

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I was able to shoot a couple of CN ore trains today. The first was at Proctor as a United Taconite empty (U-716) was getting ready to depart while the Proctor Switch was working the E-Lead. What I liked about this shot was that both Missabe-painted units were in the frame (unfortunately neither facing north, but nice to see 403 as an end cap versus sandwich position).  The “Air Forced 1” was a bonus.

 I then headed for Two Harbors as that area received more snow but first stop as Park Point for a shot of the GLF laker Munson that would enter the harbor later in the day to end the shipping season.

The next stop was an ore empty departing Two Harbors on the Loop Line headed for Minorca as the sun made an appearance. I like the nose snot on the lead Dash-3. There is only a few spots where you can get any nose light in mid-morning and that is on the Loop Line.

Easily dispersed a small plow ridge at Divert/Waldo.


Then off to NSM to catch a very tardy 5AM train headed back. A sliver of sun illuminated the units, which were the same as yesterday (yawn). The trip to the overpass wasn’t a waste as I hooked up with Mel and Sam from KC who are up shooting real winter railroading.

With no hope for an 11A train anytime soon (the 5A crew would turn as the 11A and it was already noon) I bid Mel and Sam farewell and headed back home via Forbes.  The only train of note under cloudy skies was the B&LE trio headed for Minntac. They looked ok kicking up fresh snow at Fairlane.

The fresh snow we received was nice for shooting.

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN