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Friday Flashback - LST&T 1983

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Per my comment and shots last week showing BNSF geeps working the Tower Bay Line, here the Terminal's only SW1200 (105) works with an NW-2 sister (104) on a grain train near Fraser Shipyards on New Year's Day 1983. I wish I had shot more of the Terminal and their classic GN paint scheme. They were such an easy target, but as a young lad a terminal railroad wasn't as nearly as exciting as mainline action.

[G2:7850 n=1 frame=none size=500]

I shot quite a bit of black and white while editing the Laker as the quality of internegs from slides reproduced poorly in the days of 100% black and white newsletters (the Ore Extra is now 100% color provided the image is in color; my how far publishing has come in 30 years). Here a pair of switchers roll east under I-535 circa 1983 in the twilight of LST&T's existence.

[G2:7846 n=1 frame=none size=500]

David Schauer
Duluth, MN