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Friday Flashback: More April Snow

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Piggybacking on Dave's fine Friday Flashbacks with April snow on the ground, here is some April snow from five years ago.
DM&IR 213, 316, and 317 roll around Bear Trap curve with empties for Utac back on April 5, 2007. Posted as a comparison to a CN northbound at the same location, exactly five years later.

Seems that about every other year we get a good blast of wet April snow that sticks to the trees as this picture shows.

Back five years ago you could still find a trio of non-turbos hauling ore trains on the Missabe, but there days were numbered. At least the middle unit ended up finding a home in Minnesota and resides at the LSRM in Duluth. Now a train like this would rate three SD40-3s which pack much more horsepower punch.

Another CN northbound at the exact same location, exactly 5 years later. Easier to catch a BC Rail unit leading here at Bear Trap than a Missabe in 2012. What a difference 5 years makes!

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI