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Gambling in Hibbing

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The sky was sunny, the air cool and it was early Sunday morning. Hmmm what to do. Let's see if there is any action in Hibbing!

As I left Eveleth I heard a Minntac train call to leave the plant so I headed for the 169 bridge. As I pull up I see the headlight of the U-71181 heading down the hill.

After they past, I continued west.
I checked out the track removal near Buhl and it seems the contractor has come back to finish removing the old track into town and the mine.
CN continues to remove old, unused stuff all over the system.

Next stop was Kelly Lake. I spotted the local tied down in the yard with two veteran SD40-2's in Cascade Green.

From there I heard a train coming into Kelly Lake that was bound for United Taconite (Tex-Mex). 

I went to downtown Hibbing and waited...and waited....
and then they came under the bridge on the west side of town.
I managed to bag them at all four Griswold crossing in town.
Remember, it's Sunday morning--not traffic!

Here is one of them.

I then managed to chase them east out of town until Emerett.

After that I heard Keetac loads getting ready to depart so it was back to Kelly Lake in a race against time. Made it barely.

And after they past under the bridge it was time to head back home for the day.

Todd M.
Eveleth, MN