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Getting Around

The Twin Ports are basically very easy to navigate through. There are main roads that can quickly guide the railfan from one location to another. Both Duluth (population 86,918) and Superior (population 27,368) encompass large land areas with numerous railroad facilities spread out across a wide area.

As always, remember that most railroad property is OFF LIMITS to the general public, so please obey posted no tresspassing signs. Most good railroad locations can be photographed from public roads.

In addition to the overview map on pages 8-9, we recommend you purchase a local highway map (available at most discount stores or gas stations) to complement our directions. Another good tool is the more detailed DeLorme Atlas for Minnesota and Wisconsin ( For hotel information, contact the Visitors Bureau at 1-800-438-5884 or on the web at

Minnesota Atlas and Gazetteer
Wisconsin Atlas and Gazetteer
Michigan Atlas and Gazetteer