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Grain Season

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Every September through October the local grain elevators see an uptick in activity and this past week I was able to get a couple of shots around town. First was at Riverland’s former Cargill elevator where their green SW-1 was moving cars around. I also saw their black GE centercab but it wasn’t moving or in a position to shoot.

I then snagged a few images of CHS’s former Soo Line SW-9 2117 in Superior. On this day their SW-1s and this larger switcher were hard at work. The repositioned classic laker Edward L. Ryerson makes for a great backdrop. The train also had a sharp looking new Saskatchewan grain car.

Beer anyone?

The Lake Superior Fish Company trawler Provider has a similar paint scheme as 2117.

BNSF continues to run numerous grain trains in and out of Duluth (one was departing Rices Point last evening). Last weekend one of those trains happened to be under the CN ore dock as a B&LE unit was overhead. I liked the orange over orange capture.

I have also heard a number of Superior-Grand Forks trains running with grain empties.

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN