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Hallett Dock

Hallett Dock Company, owner of four dock facilities in Duluth and Superior, utilizes a former Norfolk & Western NW-2 at its Dock 6 operation in West Duluth. They also stabled a Fairbanks Morse H-10-44 (ex-Minnesota Western and Minneapolis Northfield & Southern) until it was donated to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in 2004 (the LSRM then loaned Hallett their ex-Peavey SW-1). To reach Hallett Dock 6 from downtown Duluth take I-35 to the Central Avenue Exit - turn left. Turn left again at the stop sign and follow the road (Raleigh Street) to the dock area. Plans are to abandon this dock in the future as part of a pollution cleanup plan, so the fate of the NW-2 is uncertain