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Huson Bridge Action

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With the Brainerd Local making it last run to the Mill today I had toyed with chasing it but business commitments precluded me from doing so. However I did catch it and a couple of coal trains on Huson Bridge. Here the local scoots west behind a coal empty. I shot the empty first but it had a crusty Grinstein in the set so I’ll hold off posting that one.

Waiting at Chub Lake (Carlton) for both the empties and local was a coal load with all three horses up front.

Here is a shot of the local coming down 1st Avenue NE in Brainerd last Friday as I went to capture its next-to-last run. Field reports indicate it ran to the mill today to pick up two final boxcars loaded with scrap paper. Wausau Paper has the mill for sale but it doesn’t look good for a buyer to step forward (Potlatch had owned this plant at one time).


Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN