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Iron Range Sub Action

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First stop was Two Harbors where a pellet loader was arriving in nice warm early morning light.

We checked out the docks just as the Gott was arriving.

I heard an NSM train arriving late at SB, it must have been an 0730 departure from Babbitt. Not sure if the times/number of
trains are changing due to reduced production levels starting this week or if the cold delayed the 5A departure. Anyway, we
were able to hear his return from SB and caught him at MP 23.5. Not excited about the dog's breakfast lash-up, but the fresh
snow was nice and the brushing NSM did this fall really opens up the shot along the south track. By now the clouds had moved
in and the rest of the day would be in snow (not a bad thing).

We then went over Allen Junction to catch a southbound ore loads and the MRF (see separate post).

This shot I liked the best from the day as the going-away ore loads made for a nice capture with the new signals at Nugget.
It just feels like winter.

The MRF and ore loads were going to meet a northbound empty at Brimson so we went there to get him rolling out of the siding
in moderate snow. I liked how the headlights highlighted the snow.

Here is a bonus shot of the MRF arriving at Brimson to meet the ore empties.