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Last Shot

[G2:7815 n=1 frame=none size=501]DMIR 401 greets sunrise at North Wales with loads bound for Two Harbors. Little does it know that this will be it's last time leading in its long career. After shooting this train to begin the day I would later shoot the IC 6258 on U78952-30, heading back to Two Harbors after being loaded. My last shot of the 6258 was only a few miles North of Highland. The original plan for the short time U789 was to tie the train down in the siding at Highland, but the Dispatcher had a change of plans and issued a warrant for the U789 to head South all the way to Two Harbors. U789 then entered the main track, unknowingly headed straight for disaster. The DMIR 401's train had picked up another unit for its trip North, the IC 6265 which was put on the point, and was already out of Two Harbors when the two trains met head on, injuring all five crew members in the process. Thankfully two of the five have already been released from the hospital. The incident is still under investigation.

Alex Holmes