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Last shot of the 401

R.T. Challenger's picture

Man, Alec shot the 401 on its last trip leading and I ran the 401 on its last trip as a leader.....

The crew pictured expired on their hours at Highland and yours truly first move of the morning while working the Two Harbors switch, was to cab to Highland and relieve the 401's crew and bring the train into Two Harbors. During the crew change the IC 6258 rolled by us at Highland heading north to load.

We had to weigh the train. Once we cleared the scale it was an uneventful trip down the hill into Two Harbors. The train had no kickers when I set the brakes, straight air worked great and despite the fact I had only two locomotives the dynamics brakes were excellent! Even the 401's Nathan P5 horn had that unmistakable old Missabe sound to it. We pulled into track R-4 and cleared our authority around 0930 (for some reason I kept that canceled authority. It is now in my files). We parked the 401 at the engine facility. As I cranked up the hand brake I noticed a patch of the CN orange near the front cab window had peeled away and what was standing out? Missabe Maroon! The 401 was showing its true colors from its second career!

After noon while on Dock 2 dumping pellets, I watched as the 401, now trailing, head out around Pork City Hill to tie on to the empties. Little did I know within a few hours the 401 would be destroyed.


One of the final shots of the 401